Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Massage has long been known to produce a wide range of health effects to people that use this type of therapy and one such example of this. Our lymphatic system in the body is commonly known to be a great protection against disease and various infections.

It is sometimes referred to as our body’s secondary circulatory system. Lymph nodes in the body are found in the neck, armpits, groin and chest area of the body. It is these lymph nodes that produce what are referred to as immune cells which will actually fight off bacteria and infections entering the body.

What is different however between the blood circulatory system and the lymphatic system is the body has the heart to pump the blood around the body, whereas the lymphatic system does not. This is where massage comes in.

Whichever form of massage that you choose, if carried out by a skilled masseuse you will find that it can be extremely good way to promote lymph flow through the body and hence help to protect against various ailments and diseases.

In terms of which form of massage is most suitable for this type of therapy, it really is up to the recipient as to which form of massage is more suited to them. Some may argue that Swedish Massage would be the route to take, whereas others may say Chinese or Thai Massage. For those that like to combine some erotic massage with health benefits, others may even say that tantric massage would be the option of choice.

One of the great things about massage therapy is that it is also basically available to everyone and is not limited by mobility for example like other therapies. You will find that for every twenty masseuses practicing at various massage establishments you will equally find probably half this number who are offering outcall body to body massage for example which is great for those who for whatever reason cannot make it down to visit their local massage parlour.

Achieving peace through massage


One of the best advantages to taking part in massage therapy sessions is that one really can achieve much calmer and more relaxed state. Relaxation in the 21st century is becoming much more important as lifestyles become more stressful and this is one of the reasons for the massive growth in alternative therapy in general.

Whether you are looking for acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, Pilates or massage they are all therapies that concentrate on relaxation and helping people to relax. One of the problems nowadays is that people can work so much and so hard that they even forget how to relax! And this can in turn lead to many health issues as we get older ranging from high blood pressure, anxiety and depression to name but a few.

Massage can therefore be a great vehicle to help promote and tranquility within the body mind and spirit. One of the other upsides to massage is that there really are so many different types of techniques that are available for people to use. This is particularly a good thing due to the fact that some people get on better with certain techniques than others do.

If Swedish massage is not your thing then perhaps you might get on better with a body to body tantric massage for example. Or if this is not really your thing either then maybe you might like to try the various oriental massage techniques that are available.

A major plus point to the UK for example having such a cosmopolitan society these days is that one really does have a wealth of options available. To find a London tantric massage therapist or a Asian masseuse you can do a few simple online searches and have more than 20-30 different masseuses available in your local area if you in London for example.

In summary achieving peace through massage is a great option for people in general and in our opinion one of the most effective and aiding proper relaxation.